How it works.

Create an account. Select the transmission technology. Configure the service. Only 3 steps and your hardware data begin to go online and join the cloud. You can enjoy them in no time and live, the way you want (web, app, mobile).

Hardware supported.

Some examples of data that we can collect.

The methods by which this is possible.

We provide a solution to carry the data that any hw you make, or use, generates on an innovative platform where you can process them and make them available anytime, anywhere, to anyone.

How to consume data.

Rilheva Platform is an open technology that allows you to collect data cross market and cross product, process them and make them available simply through: Rilheva portal; mobile portal for symbian and blackberry; Apps for Android and iOS; Android widget; xml feed to 3rd party websites; FTP export to corporate information systems;

Always up to date on the warning through:

Push notifications through the apps; SMS alarms; voice calls; Email; Fax; social messages;

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Rilheva Engine Module
TCP / IP communication engine over GPRS / LAN that provides a stable connection with your device
Rilheva Historical Module
Data collection service up to 60 months online. Extracting data in graphical form, tabular and manual export of history files
Rilheva Backup Module
Full backup on optical media sent annually with dedicated software for installation on a stand-alone PC. Graphical editing features, tabular and printing capabilities
Rilheva Export Module
Exporting data using XML interface for instantaneous data and historical data to FTP
Rilheva Profiling Module
Define an unlimited number of users with unlimited access profiles up to enable reading of the individual signal
Rilheva Alarms Module
Allows you to define specific alarms for each variable that can be sent by e-mail, SMS, voice calls, push notifications, and fax. Alarms report transmission and delivery. Managing calendars of availability with escalating alarm
Rilheva Mobile Module
View the current status, chronology (graphic and tabular) and remote controls from mobile device (smartphone, PDA, blackberry) and Apps for iOS and Android
Rilheva Map Module
Geographical representation of the systems integrated to the system
Rilheva Metadata Module
Adding of additional data associated with the individual station in text format
Rilheva Cloud File Server Module
Upload files related to plants and freely organize them into folders. Free file association to one or more Rilheva, sites, types. Ability to make uploaded files private or public
Rilheva Reports Module
Enables the automatic definition of freely configurable reports that are processed and sent to the recipient via e-mail as a pdf or xls
MyRilheva Module
Display of status and chronological (graphic and tabular format) data from different stations. Aggregated fields calculated on current and chronological data (i.e. averages, sums, integrals). Free editing of a mathematical equation whose result is calculated in realtime (KPI)
Rilheva Dashboard Module
Free web tool for creating animated dashboards (trends) using a complimentary objects library
Rilheva CAM Module
Acquisition and automatic archiving and viewing of images on web interface
Rilheva Distributed Automation Module
Automatic logical connection between the parameters of different Rilheva devices. Automation planned on periodic time schedule and safety function for the plant in case of disconnection from the server

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Rilheva Vision.

Rilheva exists to give immediacy and quality of your hardware data, accessible anytime, anywhere, creating a true network of monitored points, with a single collection center, where the data can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously. Without the need to purchase and manage any infrastructure and software. With a single platform for all systems (even if heterogeneous ones), with a rapid time-to-market to monitor processes. Without any initial investment, and no server maintenance and control center. Even in brand-label.

Our vision is all this, and also customer care in all the details: this is why over 99% of customers are happy to renew our services.

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